Tuesday, September 30, 2008


  1. Using nanometre technology, charcoal bamboo can be further made into threads of clothings. The clothing has an anti-fungal quality, eliminate odours, and rejects dampnesss.
  2. An mummy was found in China during the excavation of a tomb, which was ascertained to be 2,100 years old. this mummy was 53 years old noble lady who died from the stricture of the heart. Upon careful examinations, the mummy was found to be as fresh as a 4 day old corpse. Inside her stomach were more than 170 melon seeds. These seeds were planted for experimental purpose and all of them were germinated. These surprising facts were soon explained when the excavators found 5000kg of charcoal at the bottom of the tomb. It was seem all the once living things were protected and kept fresh bye the billions of negative ions being made to the charcoal over 2000 years.
  3. The porosity of charcoal explains why it floats on the surface of water, though it is denser than water. The ability to readily absorb gases and liquids; charcoal is used to filter water or absorb odors. Charcoal filters away remove part of the gas from the inhaled air.
  4. In the 1870's, Thomas Edison used carbonized bamboo fibre as filament in the development of the light bulb. The carbonized filament he used still works and is on display at the Smithosionan in Washington D.C.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Uses and Application

So what are the application for charcoal bamboo? What Charcoal bamboo can do wonders.


1. Protect against electromagnetic (EM) wave
2. Bed Room application
3. Protect against bad odour & humidity
4. Skin Care
5. Shower Room
6. For refrigerator
7. Water purification
8. Charcoal bamboo vinegar
9. Fish Tanks
10. Gardening

Charcoal Bamboo


Bamboo charcoal is made up from pieces of bamboo, which are taken from plants five years or older, and burned inside an oven at temperatures over 800° C.

Benefit of Using Charcoal Bamboo

Improve Air Quality

1. Charcoal bamboo is used to reduce air pollution (indoor). It absorbs harmful chemical and free radical in the air. Example such as strong pungent, smelling adhesive. It also absorbs sucha s carbonic oxide, ammonia, nicotine, benzopyrene, formaldehyde, tar etc.... which are harmful to human health.

Purify Drinking Water

2. By means of purifying drinking water. Since bamboo is antibacterial, anti fungal by nature, therefore, it absorbs major harmful pollutant such as dichloro hydroxybenzene found in the drinking water. Also eliminates harmful substances such as chlorine, choroform, mineral, potassium, magnesium, sodium calcium etc.

Improve Humidity

3. Charcoal bamboo contain pores and no moisture; as such it is very effective in humidity reduction. Like wise, when the room air humidity is less than charcoal bamboo, it then releases moisture in the air to humidifying the room.

4. Enhance metabolism/blood circulation

Charcoal bamboo ables to absorbs and emit infra-red. The more the infra-red is expose to human skin, the more it would promote blood circulation. Charcoal bamboo is used to apply at the following location in a room. Such as

Placing undernealth the matress, cushion, comforter.

In addition, it acts as de-odorizing effect such as absorbing gases and decomposes carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. With this, charcoal bamboo is thus placed in refrigerators, or placing near to trash can which absorb odor.

How it works?

Charcoal bamboo reduce odor by releasing negative ions. Technically, the infra-red rays emitted from the charcoal bamboo reduce moisture in the air into particles that changes the into negative ions. Examples on application is the office building, computer and other office electrical applicances. In the office, one often notice that the air smell stale. This stale air is bad for our health. They are known as positively charged air particle. In order to neutralize with negative ion found in the charcoal bamboo, the air would gradually changes into negative ion, thus providing clean and conducive place for working personal a good and cleaner environment to work with.

Industrial Air Pollution

As more and more countries are becoming more industrialization, air quality and pollution has posed an important hazard in contributing to environmental issue. Charcaol bamboo are used to protect and improve environmental.

The following pages provide all the good and nothing of the bad for charcoal bamboo and its application.